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BoardWatch is a project of the Texas Association of Certified Public Accountants (TACPA), where members volunteer to go to Austin as meeting observers at the Texas State Board of Accountancy (TSBPA).  The goal of BoardWatch is to provide our membership with timely information about actions proposed and/or taken at the Board.

Actions taken by the Board can have a significant impact on licensed practitioners.  We should all have the opportunity to help create or refine the rules that affect us and our practice.  Most of us, however, do not have either the time or resources to stay abreast of potential actions being taken by the people who regulate/control our ability to run our practices. 

Without a program like BoardWatch, many of us are unlikely to hear about significant changes until after they have been implemented.  By then it’s too late to have any input.  TACPA represents you, the small firm and sole practitioner CPA.  We don’t believe anyone else does.  You and representing your interests are our sole focus.



Volunteer members attend the meetings of the Board and its committees, listen, and gather information.  That information is brought back to the TACPA Executive Committee so that they may assess any potential changes and decide on whether or how TACPA might comment or participate in developing the new rules.

When an item of interest to members is generated or proposed at TSBPA, the TACPA Executive Committee evaluates the potential impact on members.  At the same time, a Member@lert or other advisory is created and distributed to the membership with a request for input and comments.

Based on the evaluation by the EC and feedback from members, a decision is made on how or whether to proceed.  It may be as simple as writing a letter to the Board during the public comment period, or it may go all the way to asking you to contact your State Representative or Senator, or something in between.

Bottom line:


We want to make you aware of potential changes and give you the opportunity to evaluate them in relation to your practice.  We want you to have the opportunity to provide input to the Board and suggest changes before anything is finalized and/or implemented.


BoardWatch is a project of the Texas Association of CPAs (TACPA). BoardWatch Reports will be distributed to the members of TACPA and posted on the members’ web site.

For information on joining the Texas Association of CPAs, and/or becoming a BoardWatch participant, please contact Dave Brown either by email or at 469-443-0971.