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    1095-B Client Questions?

    Have your clients been receiving their 1095-B forms and been confused?  The IRS has provided a list which may help during the busy tax season.  Just refer them to this page for some high-quality answers and save yourself some time.

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    IRS Extends Due Date
    for Form 8971


    IRS Has extended the due date for Form 8971 to March 31, 2016 from February 29. 

    To quote from IRS Notice 2016-19...

    "This notice provides that executors and other persons required to file or furnish a statement under section 6035(a)(1) or (a)(2) before March 31, 2016, need not do so until March 31, 2016.  This notice is being issued in order to provide executors and such other persons the opportunity to review the proposed regulations to be issued under sections 1014(f) and 6035 before preparing a Form 8971 and any Schedule A."

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  • Evolution Of The Texas Gas Tax

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    1917 was the year Texas began to require annual registration of automobiles and trucks, according to the Texas Comptroller's Office. Two years later, only four states had imposed gas taxes to help build and maintain more and better roads. Texas enacted it's first gas tax in 1923 at one cent per gallon! Ten years later, all states had joined in.

    Today, rate-wise, Texas is just about in the middle at 20 cents per gallon, (2015). However the effect of inflation on transportation and maintenance costs has had a huge impact on the State's ability to keep up with demand for first-rate roads and transportation facilities. Here's a fascinating description from FISCAL NOTES at the Comptroller's Office.

    "Oil Driller's Lawsuit Could Cost Texas Billions in Tax Refunds"

    Flying Money

    A recent article in the Texas Tribune describes how a 2009 case, involving Midland-based Southwest Royalties and their lawsuit against the state, could wind up costing the state of Texas up to $4.4 billion dollars and wipe out all of the projected budget surplus. This is no small chunk of change!

    The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case. In this article, Glenn Hegar, Texas Comptroller, had a lot to say about the potential impacts - immediately and longer term. This will be an important decision.  Read the full article.

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    States Looking At Regulatory Boards

    Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States, (SCOTUS), ruled that some state boards or panels could be violating antitrust laws. According to the AP story, the concern is that boards made up of industry professionals could, in some cases, try to limit competition from outsiders.

    In regulating an industry, a board can have a significant impact on consumers. The likely end result of reduced competition would be a limited availability of services and higher prices for the services which are available.

    The Texas Association of CPAs feels that our members and the public should be aware of this US Supreme Court ruling. For more information, please see the article at the link just below.

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