Preferred Vendors

These companies are Preferred Vendors of TACPA. 

Active members who do business with these vendors will be able to
save much more than the cost of their membership.

TACPA, the Texas Association of CPAs, was founded in 2001 to represent the interests of small-practice CPAs in Public Practice.  The original founders felt strongly that the TSCPA, (Texas Society of CPAs), was not watching out for, nor giving a voice to, the small-practice CPA in Texas.  They felt, as some do today, that the TSCPA must focus on practitioners in education, industry, government, and also the large public practice firms. 

TACPA has only one focus - YOU!
The small practitioner in public practice.

Representing your interests at the TSBPA, (Texas State Board of Public Accountancy), and the Texas Legislature is still the primary goal of TACPA.  But isn't it nice when we can do that and also find ways to help members save money in this economy!

If you would like to become a member of TACPA, help promote the interests of independent CPAs, and benefit from these and other programs, click here for more information.  TAPCA Membership Center .

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Encon Systems is one of the leading suppliers of printers, office supplies, and printing supplies in Texas.  Their warehouses are strategically placed and they offer next-day delivery throughout Texas.

TACPA members doing business with Encon will receive their own account credentials and can shop online at discounts which can range from 20% to 30% - and sometimes higher, depending on the product and market factors at the time.

Encon prides themselves on their customer service and all TACPA members will have access to our Account Manager for any service needs.

Members, for more information on this program, click here - TACPA Members at Encon