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How Do I Volunteer as a Watcher?

If you would like to attend Board and Committee Meetings as a BoardWatch volunteer, please call Dave Brown at 469-443-0971 or email


The purpose of BoardWatch is to observe the Board or its committees in action. The goal is to provide our membership with timely information about actions taken and/or proposed at the Board.


  • Please review the agenda in advance so that you will understand what you are seeing and hearing.

  • Please dress appropriately.

  • Please take notes to help in writing your report.

  • Report parameters.
    • It is expected to take about 2 hours of uninterupted time to write your first report.

    • Please include or attach and reference materials received at the board.

    • If two members attend, both should review your report prior to release to the Executive Committee.

  • Please be as concise and factual as possible.

    • Your report may be amended by the Executive Committee, and released to the membership of TACPA.

    • Others who read your report may take action based on it.